Lead Beneficiary – Triangulum Association, subsidiary

The main object of activity of the subsidiary of Triangulum Association is to provide supportive actions for vulnerable groups. These include programs of psychological counseling, mediation actions between vulnerable groups and public authorities, awareness raising campaigns and the organization of events to support persons at risk and to promote their inclusion.The subsidiary of Triangulum Association is a newly established entity. However, its board is common with the mother organization and therefore the subsidiary benefits from all its thematic competences. Triangulum has experience in the implementation of projects focused on the development of human capital. It has been involved in the management of target groups, it has overseen the provision of training through various educational programs and it has participated in information and publicity activities.

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Beneficiary Business Support Centre for Small and Medium Enterprises – Ruse

BSC SME is a non-governmental non-profit organization. Its main purpose is to support the businesses, especially the SMEs in the North Central Region and the Bulgarian part of the CBA Romania-Bulgaria, and stimulate their development. It drafts strategies, coordinates and complements the activities of other organizations and structures, assists the SMEs and establishes contacts on local, national and international level. It provides informational, training and consultancy services. BSC SME is  one of the most experienced regional public benefit NGOs in Bulgaria with more than 20 years of expertise and active operations. The organisation is specialized in piloting new initiatives for the territory, among which the first established business incubator in the country, the first established regional financial non-banking instruments in the country, the first detailed cross-border inventory of tourist sites in the cross-border region Romania-Bulgaria. BSCSME is active in promoting creative industries through directly supporting small artistic projects and through implementing international projects. BSC SME is the initiator and the developer of the Regional Smart Specialization Strategy of North Central Region. It has initiated tourism clustering activities in the Northern Bulgaria with developed an effectively  working  Tourism Network with more than 60 members (hotels, restaurants,  NGOs, municipalities). Since 2008 to date BSCSME is a member  of the Enterprise Europe Network. It fosters the development of internationally competitive companies and stimulates the innovation capacities of European SMEs. The Network therefore helps to improve the environment for entrepreneurial activities and promote entrepreneurial culture in the European Union. It involves more than 600 organisations from more than 50 countries (EU + third countries) having direct daily link to DG GROW of the European Commission. Main activities: Advice, support and information services; services for internationalization, technology transfer and innovation and research; SME feedback activities (supporting the Commission consultations to obtain feedback on EU legislation); innovation support. Sector Groups of the  Network,  comprising  of members of the Network contribute to  the  Network activities for specific sectors. BSCSME is a member since 2008 to date of the Sector Group “Tourism and Cultural Heritage” and since 2010 a founding member of the Sector Group “Creative Industries”.

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